Todd Jordan - President
Todd Jordan is a pioneer in Internet Broadcasting dating back to 1999. The first station he launched was E-Town Radio, which was a hobby, and at that time could only serve a maximum of 5 listeners at once since dial-up modems didn't offer the ability to serve more listeners. In 2005 "E-Town Radio" became "" which launched the careers for many DJ's across the nation. With the goal to give independent artist a platform to be heard, Hott101fm gained the attention of many, including some "signed" artist. In 2007 Big Duke of "Boyz in the hood", after signing with Puff Daddys label, Bad Boy South, would be added to the line-up of shows on HOTT101FM. Today Hott101fm still broadcast world wide on In 2013 Todd would go on to buy K98FM and take full control of its day to day operations. Soon after K98TALK followed and with the help and dedication of Robert Routt, K98TALK is on the path to be a leader in internet talk radio.
Rowdy Ricky Robinson - Station Manager and Host
Rowdy Ricky has always had a strong love of Talk Radio, and a passion for telling things how he sees them. His desire is first and foremost to bring you the best in talk radio. Whether it’s live behind the mic or working behind the scenes, Ricky always strives to ensure things stay running smoothly here at K98TALK. Join Rowdy Ricky as the host of: America off the rails, and Co-Host of both: Wake Up America - With Denny C and Finding Common Ground - With Dave Brown.
Denny C - Show Host
Host of "The Family Factor" and Co-Host of "Wake up America", Denny is also a professional song writer and at 13 he went on to play, produce, and do tours with a Christian rock band in the 80s called Dove. Denny Then went on to be the dj on KING. After that he went on to be a pastor at several churches & a death row inmate counselor. Today you can find him weekly on!
Dave Brown - Show Host
Dave Brown is the host of Around the Ring and co-host of Finding Common Ground with Rowdy Ricky Robinson. A nearly 30 year fan of professional wrestling, Brown first discovered wrestling shortly after WrestleMania 2, watching a VHS copy of that event over and over and over, his love of the “sport” really blossomed after discovering the NWA on Superstation TBS on Saturday mornings. Throughout the late 1980s and early ’90s, Brown followed the likes of the NWA/WCW,AWA, WWF, WCCW, UWF, and Championship Wrestling from Florida. Today he follows the mostly disappointing WWE, NXT, Lucha Underground, and ROH. Beyond wrestling, Brown is a self-avowed nerd/geek with a deep love of comics (on the page and screen), folklore, fantasy, and underground rock ‘n’ roll. Politically speaking, Brown is a lifelong liberal-libertarian, meaning he thinks that for the most part the government should stay out of peoples’ ways and lives but believes in the need for safety-nets to help protect folks from getting shafted. A firm supporter of public education, public media, public libraries, net neutrality, and drug decriminalization, Brown is completely disgusted with the current two party system and the concentration of power in the hands of so few. More than anything else, Brown believes in kindness and compassion and the desperate need for both in today’s society.
Michael Vara - Host
Late night in the Midlands with your host Michael Vara airs every Monday through friday 9pm to 12 am eastern 8pm to 11pm central. Late Night in the Midlands is an idependent show that strives to hold media to a higher standard and covers the stories the main stream media can't or won't
My Hours: Mon-Fri 8pm-11pm CST
Steve Long - Show Host
Host of "Liberty Unfiltered"
My Hours: Wed 8pm-9pm CST